10:38 UTC
Today is the FINAL fall ball. Nothing's happened yet because the fall's in like 10 hours, but soon! Predictably I'm manifesting Parker my boy my guy my belarker to fall. I miss him (i have never actually watched him play)

The I am once again asking for your financial support meme edited to say I am once again asking for Parker MacMillan to fall.

20:30 UTC
WELL. A screenshot from blaseball.com. Parker MacMillan's name is displayed next to the baltimore crabs logo.


I can't nicely put into words how excited I am so I'll just repeat my first message upon him dropping
I'm so so so heckin happy he's back, and now I can carcinise him and draw him and watch him PLAY! I have never seen him play despite him living in my brain every day for a year and a half. I was already excited for the return but even moreso now! and i can draw him carcinised >:)

Also I broke the javascript on every blog post somehow but I can't be bothered to fix it right now