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Post-Horizon Parker MacMillan

Parker after falling out the black hole. He's a crab now! Currently as I write this I don't have a Definitive(tm) pre-horizon history for this Parker, but it's probably a calm Parker like the one in All-Parkers-Are-Okay. But that might change!

When he fell it's probably an understatement to say I was really excited! Parker's my favourite blaseball boy and I'd been hoping he fell every time, and thankfully because the sim is still a better storyteller than us all he fell at the very last moment. The fact he fell to the crabs also means a lot to me as they were my first team when I first joined in season 24.

Basic Bio

Pronouns: he/they
Gender: non-binary
Orientation: acearo
Species: carcinising human (ambigiously)
Age: 19
Associated Colours: red, orange, grey