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Static Ghost

Years after dying and getting trapped in an infinite, gravity-less static void, Megan Ito discovers she can worm her way back into reality via her replacement, becoming a half-real ghost only they can see. New Megan, already struggling to define who they are, now finds it even harder with the person they're trying not to be on their back. The story explores making friends with people you continue to fear, and how sometimes, people are just mean to you.

This story originally developed from me just wanting a Megan that is a little feral. a little unhinged. My usual interp of Megan is mischievious at best, but means no real harm and, at her core, wants the best for everyone. This is not that Megan. And, New Megan is there too, having identity struggles as always.

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The Inbetween

The Semi-Centennial