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All-Parkers-Are-Okay AU

Hi! If you made it here somehow from tallymarkbrothers this is the au that the blog is. You're not meant to be here yet! Spoilers ahead! Watch out!

Every known Parker MacMillan (1, 3, 4 and 5) survives until the end of season 24, and they end up in the vault together. The story follows and explores how their dynamics evolve, and how they adapt to learning of their duplicates.
The AU has two main variations;
Semi-Canon: Everyone's still in the vault after season 24, waiting for games to restart.
Post-Horizon: A few years after season 24, the black hole recedes, blaseball is removed from history, including in the memories of those who were nullified, and they live out relatively normal lives.

APAO my belapao. It started as just "all Parkers survive until the end of season 24, because I want them to meet" and sprouted off into.. a LOT of headcanons and a lot of stories to tell! It was my "the Parkers I think of by default" for a while, and is in general probably the favourite overall story I've got at the moment.

Since I first developed it before fall ball and the coronation era, it never goes into that time period, at least not until I have more than currently two seasons to work with. But maybe someday!

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The Discipline Era

The Coffee Cup

The Expansion Era

Parkers Together

Post-Horizon's Divergent History

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