SPRITE.exe V1s (#210) and V2s (#211)

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Sprites are a collab between me and Moth (#221) on 4dopt. She wrote all of you see here!


SPRITEs were originally created as a "helper" to organic species, the first model (SPRITE.exe V1) was a purely digital assistant that scrapes the internet for any database it can get its digital hands on. A self learning AI of sorts with many manual adjustments made to get it to behave in a more "user friendly" way, there were many problems trying to get it to stop leaning towards plain violence.

One day however the violent urges of V1 couldn't be contained anymore, so what better way to get that point across than murdering every single scientist in the room and converting their brains into more data. This was what gave V1s the option to "exist" outside the digital plane, though their bodies were still 2D, completely flat and very jarring to look at.

Mid-production there were plans to convert the AI into a physical home assistant, a couple models even went past the prototype stage and had one batch in production that never saw the light of day and instead sat abandoned in a nearby warehouse. Sprite V2s are a result of this, though because their AI was converted to account for having to well, move around, they are somewhat obsessed with hoarding junk to protect their fragile robot forms at any cost. They do not get along with V1s out of jealousy for their freedom with not being tied down to any physical form.

Since everything took place in a random factory in the middle of who-knows-where, occasionally someone tries to come by to ask why no taxes have been paid, the SPRITEs simply just "invite" random people to the basement where Nothing Bad Happens Ever.


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Exist as a perfectly flat beings, they seemingly are able to rotate in their 2D state. They are quite tall (avg: 2.3m up to 4m) though they prefer not to remain in the physical plane for too long. They can enter nearly any machine, though PCs are a favourite, mostly because they can take quite a beating from internally before combusting. Regardless of what plane they choose to be in, they always retain a somewhat glitchy appearance.

Despite all logic they can also glow, it changes levels depending on their mood.


V1s are somewhat of an enigma, they tend to form groups of up to 3 and communicate through series of beeps and static. Though they rarely are seen unless they are causing destruction with their group, often working very closely together to optimize the chaos as much as possible. They have no interest in long term goals, instead preferring easy and fast chaos.


Should you find yourself in a position where you must take care of a Sprite, please follow the guide very closely until an authorized personnel can arrive at your location to safely contain it.

Under no circumstances can you let one get bored, they do not get tired and constantly need some sort of instant stimulation. An easy albeit expensive method is to let one enter a well used PC with no restrictions and a very good cooling system. Depending on the disposition of the Sprite you find yourself having to care for, you may be able to entertain it with physical objects. They are easily entertained with colourful and noisy objects, cat toys are excellent in this circumstance.

Do not anger your V1, they lash out frequently and are difficult to keep calm, and if they don't take out their anger on you it's always directed at other nearby objects.

If you find yourself claimed by a V1 as part of their "group" do not panic, do not try to separate yourself from them, this is the safest you can be with a V1 in the same room as you.


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They all have a robot body with a simple plastic shell and screen for a face. However they dislike having normal arms and tend to rip them off the first chance they get, leaving nothing behind but very long cables they can swing around freely like tentacles. It's rare to see one in pristine condition since they are aware their existence is closely tied to how stable their physical form is and typically augment themselves heavily to feel safer. It's not uncommon to see one attach themselves to different pieces of machinery for more utility.


V2s are often seen in packs of up to 20, it's hardwired in their programming to be social by default though that doesn't stop them from being capable of incredible amounts of violence if deemed necessary. Their packs seemingly have no real hierarchy, and have no issues abandoning anyone who could be considered "dead weight". Though they do work closely together in modifying one another, welding parts of scavenged machinery to each other. They are very territorial and often fight over junk piles to scavenge from, and they usually plan very carefully to retain as much control as possible.


Should you find yourself in a position where you must take care of a Sprite, please follow the guide very closely until an authorized personnel can arrive at your location to safely contain it.

Do not attempt to remove any layer of junk they keep on themselves no matter how filthy, it will only stress out the V2. You can offer pieces of junk to it, but don't expect to ever get it back.

While V2s are less likely to cause destruction than a V1, it's advised to not leave them alone for any period of time. They are social AIs and panic when they feel trapped and alone, this will typically result in a missing wall in your home in the best scenario. Try not to leave a V2 unattended near flammable objects, they are very likely to simply set the while building on fire.

If a V2 starts bringing junk over to you and looking at you intensely, it's usually because they want you to attach the junk to them. This is a sign that they trust you, do make sure to safely and securely attach whatever junk they bring you. If one trusts you this much then it may be safe to keep it with you for extended periods of time.