Jammies (#238) and Jamminis (#494)

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Jammie Site Bio

Little sugar-filled blobs of jam escaped from sandwiches and storage, jammies are the embodiment of "no thoughts, head empty", but aren't they just the cutest?

Jammini Site Bio

Jamminis are as close to a juvenile state jammies have. While jammies formed from previously inanimate jam skip this stage entirely, when jammies reproduce the offspring starts off as a jammini.


Jammies have been around as long as fruit preserves have. Blobs of the substance are somehow consistently given an odd yet joyful life now roam cities and farms, escaped from sandwiches, shops and storage, blissfully unaware of their origin.


Jammies, being made of jam, have no internal organs. It's unknown how they think, move or live as their face is the only indication that they're alive. They're not very big, rarely breaching 10cm (4 inches) tall and wide. While their tongue usually hangs out, when it's retracted it seems to dissolve into the rest of their body.

Due to their lack of organs, jammies don't need to eat or drink and their supply of their own jam seems to be endless, which leads to a trail of jam wherever they go.

Jammies reproduce by physically splitting pieces off themselves. These pieces begin as a jammini, and then grow to a standard sized jammie, usually after a week. They can also fuse this piece with one or more other jammies' pieces if they so choose to.

They're not very intelligent and have never been observed to understand or reproduce language beyond a few basic words.

There have been multiple rumours of the various benefits or adverse effects of eating jammie jam, varying from a cure for all to a potent hallucinogen. Nothing has ever been definitively proven as effects seem to vary from person to person. Some species such as dirtlings and slymers have been observed to eat jammies, sometimes whole, and then experience a temporary state similar to a drug high. It's unclear whether they do this intentionally or if they simply mistake jammies for inert jam.


In the wild, jammies do very little, simply wander around wherever they spawned near, leaving a trail of jam for other creatures to find. They have almost no sense of danger and will commonly trap themselves or get themselves stuck in unfavourable situations.


Due to their small size, low needs, common occurance and raw cute factor, jammies are a popular adopt to keep. They're easy to befriend due to their trusting nature and get along well with others. Some only see jammies as an inconvenience due to their infinite jam supply, their trail of jam wherever they go can be troublesome for owners with fluffy adopts.